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I will keep you all in my prayers, I know as the Easter holiday apporaches we all will hurt more knowing that our babies are not with us. God Bless you all !Javarus' mom Angela,
HAPPY EASTER PAULI  / Mom To Angel Ryan Hook
HAPPY EASTER SWEET PAULI!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko
Hosted by
Happy Easter Pauli  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

I miss my Angel too!  / Jessica Randall (Passer By )

 HI! I read Paul's page and OMG it is AMAZING, how well you explained everything!  I guess the medical professionals tell everyone the same stuff! Your A VERY lucky person to have a few years with him I got 11 weeks with my Angel!

Jessica Mom To Angel Morgan (hydran)

Happy St Patty's Day Pauli!  / Dani Mom To Pauli
Happy St. Patrick's Day Pauli  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )


A Beary Special Wish !, Virtual Happy Valentines Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day Pauli  / Tami - mom to angel Ryan (GP)

In our hearts forever & always!!
"At the Request of an Angel"  / Dani

Yesterday, in Heaven, a sweet angel, went to our Father's throne. This angel said, "Dear Lord, tomorrow, my Mom just can't be left alone!" The angel said, "My Heavenly Father, I've been in Heaven for almost a year. Wearing wings made of silver & gold... While Mom's face is stained with tears. She's going to need me tomorrow, to give comfort and ease her pain. I want to surround her with all my love, Cause her tears still flow like rain! You have your Mother too, Lord who once felt the pain of losing you... She knows what it is like for a Mother, to feel misery the whole day through...!" Our Father looked at this precious angel, who was kneeling at His Throne, He said, "Take a Band of Angels with you, so your Mom won't ever feel alone! As you embrace her with your love, I'll reach down with loving arms; And touch her with My love and assurance, that you'll protect her from all harm!..." ~~~Oh! What a sight it must have been today! To see these Angels with golden wings, Following that precious angel to your heart... Bringing all the love they could bring! Yes, your angel is always with you, no matter what the circumstance... So, if you feel a tug at your heart today... It's your angel asking you for a dance. ~Never an End ~ Author Unknown

In Loving Memory of My Little Cousin Pauli  / Cynthia Moore (Cousin)

You are such an amazing little boy. In the short time that I have known you and the very little time I have spent with you I have learned so much about life. Your story alone makes me want to be a better person. I am so proud of you and the life that you have lived. You will always have a special place in my hart and in my family. I am truly grateful for the wonderful family that you have. Your mother is everything a mother should be. She has taught me so much about being a great mom.
Danielle, Rose, and Pat, because of your unconditional love and support Pauli has lived life to the fullest and has made so many footprints in so many people's lives. Thank You so much for giving him the family he deserved.

Valentine / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
http://Danny.virtual--------$~~-$~~-$~~-$~~~-$-~~-$-~~-$~-$~~~-$~-$~~~-$-~-$~~~-$-~-$-~~~-$-~-$-~~---m-~-$-~e-$~~m-o-~-$-~r~-$-~i-a-~-$-$~~~l~-$-~s-.- / Arlene Gundersen (member of GP )
Dani ~ your Pauli is so very precious and blessed your lives.
Ohhhh ~ can you just close your eyes and imagine Pauli in
Heaven, finally able to be free of the body that entrapped all
that he was inside.  I can almost invision him running and
playing with all his new friends and enjoying all the animals.
Our kids are the ones who are "home".....just waiting for us
to catch up to them.
Many blessings to you both.
Danny's forever Mom
Sending Hugs and Prayers to You Danielle and Your Sweet Angel Boy Pauli  / Pat Parker (GP Friend of Danielle Pauli's Mom )
Danielle,  What a Tribute of Love the Website You have created for Your Sweet Angel Son Pauli.  I know how very much You are missing Your Sweet Angel Boy Pauli. I am sending Lots of Hugs to You and Your Angel Boy Pauli (((((((((((Danielle & Pauli)))))))))  I am sure that Pauli is watching over You his Sweet Angel Mom from Heaven. Love, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Angel Boy Pauli) and Sean on Earth.
I share your deep love for the Pauli's of the world.  / JUDIANNE MCKEEN (NONE)
I truly appreciated your story.  Thank you for sharing.  I met an amazing couple in our area who had two children with profound medical issues due to near drownings.  They inspired me to open a staffed residential foster facility where the medically fragile child with profound delays and challenges could live in a home setting with lots of love and attention.  Today we have three such homes.  All are full and we continue to get referrals.  I love each and every one of these children.  They are each unique and special.  They have taught me so much and continue to every day.  They are happy with what they have. The are appreciative of the smallest favor or task for them. 

We have so much to be thankful for and I thank the Lord each day for allowing me the privilege of caring for these children.

May God bless you.  Thank you again for sharing.

Judianne McKeen, LPN, Executive Program Director, BriTon House, Walla Walla WA   
Condolences . . .  / Meshel Mom To Kemmer
Name:  Kemmer Jenkins
Relationship with Paul (Pauli): friend

I am so sorry to hear that you lost Pauli. We have been away for quite some time and just recently came back only to hear of so many new angels. You are and always have been in our hearts. Please feel free to e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.
All our love, Meshel and Kemmer

Pauli A Special Child  / Lynn (Friend of Pauli's Mom (GP) )

Dear Danielle,
What a nice web site you made in Pauli's rememberance.
He is definitely a special child.
Sending prayer and light
Lynn ~ Paul Burden's Mom (GP)

Paul what a handsome young man . . .  / Pam Clovis (friend of his mom in GP )
Paul what a handsome young man you are. I know deep down your mother was very proud of you. She has made a wonderful site in memory of you, you gave her 10 years of your precious life.10 years she will treasure forever, now handsome young man go fly with the Angels and watch over your family . . .
PUDDIN' FACE  / Rose Shanno (Grandma)

I hear the music in his head,The smile on his face,The words don't come to his lips, But his thoughts you can embrace. His Grandma calls him puddin' face, Because he is so dear, He is a little darling, You can see that when your near.

This is a poem a very good friend wrote for Pauli's Grandma. Just by asking her what was the  nickname she call her dear Grandson. I carry this in my photo album next to his picture with him and his mom forever . Love Grandma

My love and thoughts with you always..  / Heather Reilly-Jarvis-Goodal-l (Mom's Friend )
Today I saw you crying
I sent you lots of love
I hope that you can feel it
I'm here just up above

Today I jumped from cloud to cloud
And flew across the sky
And God told me all about you
And why you often cry

He told me that you were special
And your love for me is so deep
He told me that one day I'll meet you here
And in your arms I'll leap

I met a nice man the other day
He sat me on his knee
He told me that he knew you, Mom
And do you know what else he told me?

He told me all about you
About your pretty face
About your kindness, love and joy
About your sweet grace

I told that man I knew you
Cause we were once so close
I grew in your belly, Mommy
Just beneath your clothes

I told that man you talked to me
And prayed for me each night
And how I felt your love right there
And how you would hug me tight

No, you're not a stranger, Mom
Although we're now apart
It's really not that far, Mommy
I know I'm in your heart

I can't wait to see you, Mommy
God says you'll be here soon
Until then, I'm with you
And I love you to the moon
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